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Oh hiiii

I believe in sleeping in and staying up late, confetti and lots of it, an extra cup of coffee, celebrating half birthdays, monthiverseries, and every accomplishment in between, big belly laughs, and great hugs, miss matching socks, having seconds, life is better with a dog, that inspiration can come from anywhere, all friends should be best friends. And most of all I believe in the God that created the mountains and paints the sunsets, and made masterpieces of each and every human. That’s why I capture love stories, personality, laughter, moments, kisses, freckles, and dimples.  Storytelling is my passion, photography is my medium, and weddings are my specialty. Simply put, I’m in LOVE with what I do!

Meeting for coffee or ice cream is my favorite form of communication. Emailing, texting, and phone calls tie for 2nd.

 Let’s meet, make amazing photos, and become best friends!

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